Amazon AWS S3 Connector

AWS S3 Connector

An Arrow connector to AWS S3.

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The connector works in the context of Arrow application.

So first create your Arrow application.

In the terminal from the root of your app install the connector with:

appc install connector/


After the installation you will see conf/ config file.

It will contain template with all configuration parameters.

Some of them have default values but other must be configured appropriately.

For this connector you need to set the following configuration properties:

    connectors: {
      '': {
        accessKeyId: '<MANDATORY. ACCESS KEY ID>'
        secretAccessKey: '<MANDATORY. SECRET ACCESS KEY>'


Run your arrow application with:

appc run

Then open the admin ui pannel usually at http://localhost:8080/arrow to play with the available models and exposed endpoints.

Service Compatibility

Please read this for more information on connector versions, sdk versions and coverage


Please see the changelog


This section is for individuals developing the AWS S3 Connector and not intended for end-users.

Sample Development Workflow

Clone this repository

From the root of your project run npm install

Run npm test to see unite test suite test results

Start doing your code changes

Make sure the test suite is still working after code changes

Start the connector in standalone mode

Run the following command to do this:

npm start

Usually you could open http://localhost:8080/arrow to play with the available models and endpoints.


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