Connector for SOAP Services


This is an Arrow connector to SOAP based Web Services.


$ appc install connector/appc.labs.soap

In the generated configuration file, you will need to update the “soapWSDL” property. This can be either the URL to a
WSDL, such as:

Or, it can be the path to a locally stored WSDL file. This path will be relative to your project’s directory:



If you set generateModelsFromSchema and modelAutogen to true in your configuration, then Models and APIs will be
generated for you based on the WSDL you provide in your configuration.

You can also reference the connector in your model, if you want to explicitly dictate which fields to include:

var Account = Arrow.Model.extend(‘Account’, {
fields: {
Name: { type: String, required: true, validator: /[a-zA-Z]{3,}/ }
connector: ‘appc.labs.soap’


Unwrapping or Parsing Payloads

The built in parsing will work for most scenarios. But, if it isn’t properly parsing your endpoint, or you want to
further unwrap the response, you can add your own “handleResponse” method to the config, as follows. This special method
handles SOAP responses, turning them in to JavaScript objects or arrays for setting up the models or collections.

For example, a certain SOAP service for fetching current Stock prices…

… might return a string of XML from an endpoint (simplified for brevity):

Apple Inc.

To make this more palatable, we need to write our handleResponse method to turn that to a plain JavaScript object:

handleResponse: function (result, next) {
require(‘xml2js’).parseString(result, {explicitArray: false}, function (err, result) {
if (err) {
} else {
next(null, result.StockQuotes.Stock);

Now the connector will receive a nice JavaScript object, instead of the XML string it was given, which it can then
properly return from your endpoint.

Symbol: ‘AAPL’,
Last: 121.89,
Name: ‘Apple Inc.’

Customize XML Parsing Options

Does your server return an XML string? By default, it will be parsed with the xml2js library with the following:

{explicitArray: false}

You can customize this in your config by specifying xmlOptions:

xmlOptions: {
// any options from


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