LokiJS Connector for Arrow

An Arrow connector that works with the file-based version of LokiJS.

1. Installation

You can use

npm install appc.loki.js

or add

"appc.loki.js" : "1.0.0"

to you packacge.json file.

2. Configuration

Register the connector in your appc.json file :

"dependencies": {
    "connector/appc.loki.js": "^0.0.5"

Set the configuration object in your conf/default.js file :

    connectors: {
        'appc.loki.js': {
            db : '<nameOfYourDatabase>',
            path: '/<pathToDb>/',
            lokiConfiguration: {
                autoload : true,
                serializationMethod: 'pretty'
            modelAutogen: true,
            generateModelsFromSchema: true

3. Usage

Take a look at all available options and query parameters, in the API documentation section of your arrow administration.
Options are available under the group appc.loki.js.

Example Model Usage

For example, if you want to persist the user model, set it such as:

var User = Arrow.Model.extend('user', {
    fields: {
        first_name: { type: String },
        last_name: { type: String },
        email: { type: String },
        role: { type: String },
        username: { type: String }
    connector: ‘appc.loki.js'

4. Development

This section is for individuals developing the LokiJS Connector and not intended
for end-users.

npm install
node app.js

For development purposes use development branch only.

5. Testing

To test the connector, just run

npm test